Monday, May 08, 2017

Something a bit different!

The latest issue (June 2107) Parchment Craft Magazine is due to hit the stands any day now, and as promised in the magazine here are the instructions to make my Art Deco card featured in Hilary's Journal on page 4

Here is the picture of the finished card:

All of the products used can be found on our website

Ultrafine Glitter 


1. Place a washable/inking mat over your usual work mat to keep your work surface clean. 

 2. Using removable tape, stick the stencil on top of your parchment paper.  Brush the colours from the ink pads into the spaces on the stencil on the front of your parchment with either stencil brushes or cut n’ dry nibs to smooth the ink onto the parchment [Image 1].  Make sure you leave the white spaces between the colours. Take the stencil off the parchment and clean the stencil with a wet wipe or sponge with water and dry with a piece of tissue or kitchen paper.  The ink colours I used were: ‘Martini Olive’ ‘ Cranberry Crush’ & ‘Apricot Nectar’.

Hint: If you prefer more muted colours brush the inks on to the back of the parchment instead.

2. Whilst waiting for the ink to dry. Take a new piece of parchment paper and stamp 2 large butterflies with versamark ink, sprinkle with the Gold Embossing Powder and heat with your heat gun (heat gently, a little on the back and then on the front until the powder melts)  Colour  the butterflies, on the back of the parchment in similar colours used on your main piece.

3. With a white pencil outline the Rays of the Sun on the front of your parchment into one of the windows.

4. Emboss on the back of the parchment, the white lines on the main piece, the butterflies and the lines on the sunrays.

Hint: If you need to make the white embossing whiter, gently colour with a white pencil on the back of the parchment

5. Colour alternate sunrays with yellow ink (Haystack) on the front

6.  Trim your parchment rectangle as per finished card image, it should measure 9.5cm x 16cm

7. The border is made on a separate sheet of parchment so the final card is layered.  Adhere a new sheet of parchment to  the fine straight grid and perforate according to the pattern [image 3]

 8.  Take the parchment off the grid and emboss on the back of the parchment, according to the pattern [image 3]

9.  Perforate around the butterflies  with a 2 needle perforating tool and then cut away with Pergamano scissors or snips.  Add some glitter to your butterflies.

To finish: Cut an extra piece of parchment exactly the same size as your main coloured piece, attach this onto the front of your grid border with a tiny drop of perga glue at the very corners  [Image 4]
Attach the parchment border onto cardstock and then mount the front main layer of parchment on the top. You can use brads or a tiny dab of perga glue in the corners.  Place the butterflies with a dab of glue onto the back of the body.

 I hope you enjoy making it, please leave me a nice comment below and let me know if you would like any more 'how to's' like this one

All for now
Hilary x

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